Julian books GOTHAM

"Now Hiring" is finished!

It's in the process of being scored now, and should be ready for selective viewing soon. Here's the snippet:  A new comedy series that illuminates the hardship and antics behind finding a new job. Ep. 101: "Revisiting the Principal - A True Story." Coming out soon. Acted, produced, written and co-directed by Julian Gavilanes.

Julian books BLUE BLOODS!

Julian also just finished shooting the feature film IRIS! More info coming soon!

 "Star Leaf," "Grinder" and "Grief or Madness" were featured at "The New Filmmakers Film Festival of New York City."

The New Filmmakers Film Festival of New York City

Julian shoots the film THREE!

Now in post production. More info coming soon.

STAR LEAF currently on tour! Find a screening near you.

For more information and purchasing, visit the official site for STAR LEAF by clicking here.

Julian books Z NATION!

Julian plays the role of "Patrick" on Z NATION. Season 1 Episode 6 "Resurrection Z"  on Syfy.

Julian books short film "Grief or Madness"

A lonely gay widower and his drug dealer's discontented wife debate the finer points of life, loss, Buck Rogers and horse tranquilizer.


directed by: Ash Calder

written by: Ash Calder